Name: Mohammed Ali Abdul Sahib
Born in Iraq 1970
1992: BSc degree in Mathematical Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq. 
1999: High National degree in Art, Graphic Design, Kingston University, England.
1988: Winner for designing (Iraqi Occupational health and safety) logo, one of the united nation organization.
1989, 1990 and 1991: University of Baghdad annual art exhibition, group exhibition.
1990: Solo exhibition, University of Baghdad.
1993: Group exhibition for the (Three Baghdadis), Amman, Jordan.
1995: Solo exhibition titled (Noon), Arabic Typography, Tunis, Tunisia.
1997: Winner of a competition for designing (Kingston Voluntary center) logo, Surrey, England.
1998, 1999: Group Exhibition, Art and design, Kingston University, England.
2000: Solo exhibition, Windsor, England.
2002: Group Exhibition (Art and letters), Slough library, Buckinghamshire, England. 
2005: Solo exhibition (True memories), London, England.
2010: Group Exhibition, Bassamat, Settat, Morocco.
2010: Group Exhibition, International Art Fair, Casablanca, Morocco.
Since 2003, Mohammed Ali was responsible for designing the interior Art work for i2 international show rooms, a partnership with Nokia, his work was all around the globe,  London, Dubai, Morocco, Ivory coast, Ghana, Senegal and Tunisia.
Worked with different design projects as freelancer for many years with all fields , Logos, Design for print, Interior Design, Graphic Art and web design, companies like Philips, Nokia, i2, Itsalat express and many more.